A conversation with Knackeboul!

We have to introduce Crackeboul hardly likely. As Rapper and moderator he is present on the stages and on the television channels in Switzerland. He repeatedly uses his popularity to draw attention to grievances in the world and Switzerland and to give good projects a platform. That's exactly what we wanted to talk to Knackeboul about.

Project Armonia

Knackeboul doesn't have to think about it long after we have him good project questions in which he has been involved lately. In autumn he visited the Greek island of Samos Project Armonia. He explains why he supports this project himself.


More solidarity

Knackeboul is very concerned with the current situation in which people are fleeing in Greece. Switzerland, in particular, which likes to see itself as the cradle of human rights, is lacking Solidarity and support. It doesn't take much at all, says Knackeboul.

What does that have to do with coffee?

A whole lot. According to Swiss fair tradewe drink eight kilograms of coffee a year in Switzerland. Raw beans are mostly traded on global markets and are subject to speculation and large price fluctuations. For coffee farmers, the price of coffee traded in this way is barely enough to maintain a minimal standard of living.

At Five Good Goods we trade directly with the farmers. This enables them to participate in the pricing of their coffee. We also pursue the goal of Added value in the producing countries of the raw material. Our Suave coffee is not only grown in Uganda, but also processed, roasted and packaged there. This creates local jobsthat enable a good standard of living in Uganda.

Do you like our idea?

Then become part of a change! Try our coffeefrom the slopes of Mount Elgon from just CHF 10.- here.


And what does coffee mean for Knackeboul?


Thank you Knackeboul for taking the time and, above all, thank you very much for your commitment! The world needs more of that!