A trip to Uganda ...

Wwe are in Kampala. It is hot and humid, it will soon be noon. The smell of exhaust gases and smoke is in the air.

We roar through the many cars with the Boda-Boda and come to a quiet street. The Boda-Boda stops in front of the KweNu Juice & Salad Bar. Dorine, Amaru and I meet to discuss an idea at Salad-Bowlsund Smoothy. Dorine makes Suave coffee. It not only tastes great, it is also 100% produced in Uganda. So the story starts much earlier ...

... at Mount Elgon. Suave coffee grows there on steep mountain slopes and at great heights. This is important because the coffee cherry of the Coffea Arabica tree ripens more slowly the higher it grows. This gives her more time to develop flavors.

Only when the beans are ripethey are harvested. This is still done by hand, since a coffee tree carries ripe and unripe beans at the same time. After the harvest, the coffee cherries are "washed" and processed. The fruit skin and pulp are removed. After this process, the coffee bean is still surrounded by a silver skin. To remove them, the coffee beans must be dried. On high camps, the beans are left in the sun for eight days, being turned over regularly and being covered both at noon and overnight. 

Finally, the coffee beans are ready for transportation to Mbale, down in the plain. There are the individual beans sorted by hand. Only the best beans make it to the roaster.

The roaster is also located in Mbale. Together with the roaster, Dorine ensures that one balanced, aromatic medium roasting is achieved. After roasting, the beans must first rest. During a few days, Co2 escapes from the beans during roasting, which should not end up in the coffee cup. Once the roasted beans are rested, they will come in Aroma bags packed in which they are her Preserve aroma for at least one year.

So we sit in the KweNu and listen to Dorine's story. And we inevitably come up with the idea that such a great product should also be available in Switzerland. And anyway, there are so many good products that are made in Uganda. This is how the idea for Five Good Goods came about.

Our goal: to launch good products from the south on the Swiss market and thereby generate as much of the added value as possible in the country of origin. And suddenly it happens quickly. We bring the coffee to the Ugandan Coffee Development Authority. This authority tests and evaluates all coffee that leaves Uganda. The authority attests that Suave coffee is of high quality and finds that it tastes of coffee blossoms, vanilla and mild orange, and has a fruity profile and a sweet finish. Equipped with all the necessary certificates and permits, the coffee goes on the long journey to Dietikon - and maybe it will go to you soon! 

We made a start with Five Good Goods with Suave Coffee. Become part of our adventure! And if you are as excited about this adventure or about coffee Suave as we are, you are welcome to share it with your friends!