about us


Five Good Goods supports innovative producers from the global south in gaining access to the market in Switzerland. We rely on products that are processed in the country of origin of the raw material. In this way, the added value remains on site and local jobs are created.


Five Good Goods sets itself the goal of products consisting of five "Cash crops" to import. These are coffee, sugar cane, tea, cocoa and fruit. We pay attention to:

  • a high quality of the products
  • natural and healthy products
  • a balanced and fair value chain
  • ours Impact on site

Our producers from cultivation to the finished product benefit from every single sale.


Five Good Goods imports products that are not manufactured in Switzerland. We make sure that the added value remains as much as possible in the country of origin of the raw material. In this way, we promote the local economy and help to create local jobs.

The import causes emissions, which we send via www.myclimate.orgcompensate. You can find the corresponding confirmations in our Blog.



Amaru drinks coffee with honey and oat milk. At Five Good Goods she is responsible for brand development. She also makes music and helps many other projects find their own brand.


Johannes prefers to drink mocha from a bialetti. He organizes imports at Five Good Goods and is responsible for the strategy. Otherwise, he is involved in socio-cultural projects.


Alain drinks latte macchiato. Or espresso in the morning. He makes the website for Five Good Goods and turns the technical details. He also studies marketing and communication.