Five good goods

Our name is Five Good Goods. So far we are only selling one product, Suave Coffee from Uganda. Why?

It's actually quite simple: We are at the very beginning of our work. The idea for Five Good Goods came about a year ago during a meeting between Dorine, Amaru and me, Johannes, in Kampala, Uganda. Dorine is new to the world with Suave coffee local coffee market got in. The question arose whether such a great product could be exported directly from Uganda to Switzerland.

Most of the Ugandan coffee is exported as raw beans. And with the raw beans, a large part of the added value leaves the country. However, if a finished product is exported, important jobs remain in Uganda.

The discussion continued. Why just coffee? There are many other good products in Uganda, who can easily compete with the quality of the products available in Switzerland. Cocoa, cane sugar, tea ...

The cultivation of these "cash crops" was carried out on a large scale by the colonial powers, the processing and sales made the corresponding European countries rich. What if these "cash crops" were processed in their countries of origin? If the majority of the added value would happen on site? Could coffee, chocolate, cane sugar, tea not also be "cash crops" for the people of Uganda, that contribute to positive economic development?

Our goal is to launch five good goods products on the Swiss market in the near future ethically correct and in considerate handling of the resources necessary for production in the country of origin of the raw material getting produced.

Suave coffee is just the beginning ... And the prospects are chocolate!