our promise

Sustainability is a key issue that we want to work on honestly and transparently. Based on the understanding of sustainability as the sum of ecological compatibility, social justice and economic stability, we strive to build up our company.

Our strength lies in particular on the social and economic aspects of our activity: We source our products directly from the producerswhich we fair prices pay and support them Local jobs build up.

The ecological dimension is more difficult to consider. Coffee does not grow in Switzerland and has a long journey per se when it is in your cup. A few positive points should still be mentioned here. We source our coffee from producers who cultivate their coffee bushes in permacultures. The coffee cultivation thus receives tree stands and promotes biodiversity. By importing roasted coffee the transport weight is also reduced. Coffee beans lose about 8 percent of their weight during roasting, which in the case of our coffee no longer has to be transported.

These two points, of course, cannot compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the transport. According to our current import quantity of Suave coffee, this amounts to www.klimanko.de to about 1850 kilograms. 


We rounded up the amount to 2000 kilograms or 2 tons, to also include transport on site and in Switzerland. We have these two tons via www.myclimate.org compensated. The compensation comes to you Reforestation project in Uganda, the origin of Suave coffee. We will continue to strive for sustainable solutions and keep you up to date here in the blog.