Hibiscus, Tanzania | 70g

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The rolling hills around Morogoro, Tanzania, are dotted with red spots when the hibiscus flower blooms. The hibiscus blossoms are carefully harvested by hand, gently dried and packaged on site. The production company SAT Holistic Group Ltd. works with farmers who are partners in the company. So the added value remains with those people who produce the hibiscus.

Hibiscus - 100% produced in Tanzania.

100% hibiscus blossoms

Ideal as:
Tea infusion, hot or cold

The NGO SAT Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania has been promoting organic agriculture in Tanzania since 2011. The company SAT Holistic Group Ltd emerged from the NGO and cultivates and processes this hibiscus in and around Morogoro. The farmers are owners of SAT Holistic Group Ltd. You can find more information about the production here.